Holt's Drive-thru Biggby

Visit the drive-thru at the new Holt Biggby

The Holt Biggby location is now open—complete with a new drive-thru and a walk-up window. The new location is located in the former Gravity Smokehouse & BBQ location, on Cedar Street just south of Holt Road, right next to the walk/bike trail which will eventually connect Holt to Mason.

The move was fueled by the ever-changing needs of the consumer. Owner Andy Bunnell says drive-thru locations are essential these days. “We heard from our customers that this is something they really wanted,” He added that a drive-thru is a must for everyone from weekday work commuters to parents with children.

The Holt Biggby is located at 1850 N Cedar Street, Holt, (517) 709-3923