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Neuropsychological Services of Lansing is a Passionate Patient Advocate

It’s all about patients first at Neuropsychological Services of Lansing. Dr. Edward C. Cook has been serving the Lansing community for over 35 years and is considered one of the top neuropsychologists in the nation. Dr. Cook provides assessment and treatment for individuals suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, learning disabilities, and concussion follow-ups, among others.

Neuropsychological Services moved their office to Holt last year, after determining it was an easier and more central location for their patients. “We decided to move to a location that was more centrally located,” said Andrea Bierwagen, Office Manager of Neuropsychological Services. “It’s way easier for our patients to find us, especially our patients with memory issues.” The office is located near US-127 and I-96, just south of the Holt Farmers Market.

Patients of Dr. Cook receive the full benefit of his depth of experience and expertise. For new patients, Dr. Cook has crafted a battery of tests which he customizes, based on the individual, for the initial in-take appointment. “We like to do all-in-one appointments,” said Heather Davidson, Executive Secretary and Testing Technician. “Dr. Cook goes over the medical history and background information with the patient, then he will administer the testing at the same appointment. And then he’ll actually go through the results in that appointment as well, so they can know what we recommend.” This process is much more synthesized than other practices which spread these out over multiple appointments, which keeps patients waiting longer for results.

While Dr. Cook’s office does not prescribe medication or provide therapy services, they make sure to work closely with a patient’s doctor to provide recommendations, as well as partnering with others in the area who do provide therapy services.

Another area Neuropsychological Services of Lansing specializes in is legal work. Dr. Cook and his staff advocate for patients to get the services they are being denied for whatever reason from their insurance company. “We fight for patient advocacy – we’re very passionate about that,” said Andrea and Heather. “We make sure our patients are taken care of, especially our elderly patients.” The office is working towards doing more legal work in the future.

Most patients are required to obtain a referral from their doctor’s office when asking for services from Dr. Cook’s office. Neuropsychological Services accepts most insurances. Dr. Cook is accepting new patients and his staff will try to get individuals in as quickly as possible.

Neuropsychological Services of Lansing is located at 2132 Cedar St., St. 2 in Holt, 517.853.1925,