Esker Square Construction

Second Esker Square apartment building underway

Residents driving by the Esker Square apartment community on Cedar Street may start to see the structure of a new building going up this spring. The first apartment building officially began taking tenants earlier this year, and this new development is the second part of the Esker Square project.

“One of the things we’re most proud of at Esker Square is the fact that the building, and soon to be buildings, are creating an urban core for Delhi Township,” says Scott Gillespie, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Gillespie Company, the developer for the Esker Square project. “They’re creating some height, some density…and hopefully more residents for current businesses and future businesses.”

The Esker Square project is meant to help bring more of an urban feeling to Delhi Township, offering some of the first live/work apartments in the area. Live/ work apartments offer tenants a unique experience to have their living space and work in the same location, while allowing them to be separate.

These spaces are perfect for those who work from home, own a side business, or run their own business and still want to have a storefront. The building’s first floor is entirely made up of these live/ work spaces. This set-up harkens back to old town America when small business owners operated their business out of their homes.

While these styles of apartments provide a commercial vibe to the buildings, the apartments are also comfortable and welcoming, making tenants feel at home. This is an important shift The Gillespie Company has seen in recent years surrounding changes in the housing market. More individuals are looking to rent but still want a space with the feeling and amenities of home. The Esker Square apartments are looking to fill that gap.

In addition to the live/work spaces, there are also traditional apartments on the second and third floors of the buildings. These one and two-bedroom apartments offer everything from stainless steel appliances, to individual washer and dryers in each apartment, to a patio and full kitchen.

The Gillespie Company has also designed the interiors of the apartments to fit any style, choosing neutral color palettes and designs to give tenants more of an opportunity to make the space their own.

This also takes into account the wide range of tenants Delhi Township sees. “What we’re looking for here is to service a very broad market, and we feel that the market is quite broad here in Delhi, from recently graduated students, young professionals to young families, all the way through seniors to empty nesters,” Gillespie says. “We’re excited to provide a product and provide living space where people can live their lives and go through their life moments.”

Anyone interested in touring the Esker Square building or getting more information about renting an apartment can contact 517.889.5922 or