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Proactively policing through relationship building

Relationships are a vital part of any community— it’s in the connections between neighbors, residents with local businesses, and businesses with each other. The Delhi Township Division of the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office understands how important a part relationships play in communities.

“People that live in these communities know when something is out of place and when something is out of character,” says Lieutenant Chauncey Shattuck. He attributes this to not only neighbors knowing neighbors, but also the role technology and his department play.

Communication tools like social media and applications have made it easier to prevent and investigate crimes. While criminals are also using social media to spread information, every day citizens are using social media to help prevent crime. Along with neighborhood social media pages that can help as part of Neighborhood Watch programs, there are also applications like Nextdoor, where neighborhoods can get local tips and buy and sell items.

The sheriff’s office also has a Facebook page where they provide up-to-date information and press releases. The page is monitored daily so residents can provide tips directly to the page in addition to calling the department.

“Anytime you can use some type of medium to increase communication throughout communities, you’re going to become stronger,” Shattuck says. “And the more you know your neighbors, the more you know when something doesn’t fit or something looks out of place.”

Shattuck also believes it’s important for him and his officers to be a visible part of the community. He wants residents and business owners to be used to seeing officers out and about, stopping in to businesses to say hello and check in on what’s happening. Shattuck feels this visibility is important for those considering potential crimes as well.

“The only way I’ve seen to help prevent violent crime or robbery is proactive policing, because when you’re out in the community, making contacts or stopping cars, everyone sees that. Good and bad. And they know that if they cross the road and come down into Holt, there’s a good chance they might have contact with the police department and if they’re up to no good, they might think twice,” Shattuck says.

This is the type of policing the Delhi Division is constantly striving for, and Lt. Shattuck believes they’re seeing the positive results of this. His hope is the community feels the support and comfort of knowing and seeing him and his team out and about.

The ICSO Delhi Township Station is located on the west side of Cedar Street just north of Holt Road at 2045 N. Cedar St, Holt, MI 48842. The front office is open to serve the residents of Delhi from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Delhi Station can be directly reached at 517.694.0045.