Deep Closet Clothing

Clothing finds second chance at Deep Closets Clothing Alterations and Consignments

Entrepreneurship is something that runs in the family for Deep Closets co-owner, Sandy McDonell. The clothing alterations and consignments store owner grew up in her mother’s small alterations business in Okemos when she was a young girl, and being a small business owner was something she knew she wanted to get back to some day.

Fast-forward to 2022 when McDonell opened Deep Closets in Holt with her mother, Mui Luc. After several life changes in both their lives, the time seemed right for the mother-daughter duo to open the business together. As a close team in their personal lives, it seemed only natural to go into business together. They also decided another good pairing would be alterations as part of their consignment business.

The pair love shopping and knew that many times when finding something second-hand, a piece might be the perfect fit if not for one alteration – whether an extra strap here or a shorter hem there. They opened Deep Closets in July of last year and began accepting consignments later in the year.

One thing McDonell particularly prides the shop on is its variety. While many other consignment shops offer only womens’ clothing, Deep Closets carries shoes, accessories, as well as mens’ and children’s clothing. They offer alterations on everything from jackets to jeans to formal wear; any alteration that was purchased in-store will also receive half-off the alteration price. Alterations usually have a turnaround time of one week. Deep Closets tries to keep up-to-date with events happening in the community, especially school dances, and keeps a great supply of trendy and affordable formal wear.

“I know that times are getting tough and maybe if it helps, we have excellent gently used clothing,” says McDonell. “I try to keep really nice things in here for everyone. If it helps you clean out your closet and make a couple dollars. And it helps keep the sustainability for second-hand clothing.”

Those looking to consign items through the shop should contact the shop to schedule an appointment. McDonell is always looking for in-season items. Items are consigned for 60 days. If the item sells, the consignee gets 40% of the sale and the store gets 60%. If items do not sell within 60 days, consignees are contacted to pick-up their items, otherwise items are donated to local domestic violence survivor organizations.

Deep Closets is located at 2495 Cedar Street, Suite B12 & B13 in Holt, 517.709.3247,