Food Frenzy Graphic

Holt Food Frenzy

The Holt Food Frenzy is here to stay

Great food, great music and big crowds–that sums up this year’s six Food Frenzy events, which ran monthly from May through October.

The events were sponsored by the Delhi Farmers’ Market, and organized by Market Manager Chuck Grinnell.

Grinnell says this year’s events were very well attended, despite an early impact by the pandemic. “We’ve been averaging between a thousand and thirteen hundred people for each event,” said Grinnell. “This is on everybody’s list, it’s the event they want to be at during the summer.”

Grinnell said next year he hopes to attract even more food trucks with additional variety. He would also like to expand to include activities for kids and families.

As for this year’s events, the public feedback has been very positive. “People tell me we’re just so glad you do this so we can come down on a beautiful night, see our neighbors and be able to enjoy some good food and entertainment,” said Grinnell.

Grinnell would like to extend his appreciation to this year’s food Frenzy sponsors. A complete list of sponsors, and additional information on Food Frenzy events can be found at