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Growing Peace of Mind with Ian Shafer

Five years into Ian Shafer’s private practice, Peace of Mind Counseling, Consulting, and Supervision is experiencing growth in Holt. “I opened the doors in 2018. We were growing slowly until the pandemic and that’s when everyone came out of the woodwork.” Shafer says he had been in a private practice in Jackson, but left (and took at least of his ten clients with him) in order to “spread his wings” and do things in a way that is more focused on his clients.

Trained at Central Michigan University, Ian Shafer, MA, LPC is a fully-licensed professional counselor in the state of Michigan. He describes his approach as authentic, saying, “I’m as human as they come. I don’t mind sharing myself. It puts people at ease to know that their counselor has good taste in music, for example.” His office is covered in Red Wings pennants, and in the corner sits a motivational sign, “Humans helping humans find peace of mind.” That’s his slogan, and it’s how he came up with the name for his practice.

Last year, Ian’s former intern Cat Moran, MS, LLC (Limited License Counselor) became a 1099 contractor for the practice after completing her counseling supervision with Shafer. Ian says that it’s a good sign that his former interns want to stay on at the practice, “I get to help guide that person to maintain good ethics, put the client first and be part of the community. We’re creating an environment where they might start to see a client as an intern, but then keep them long term.” He continued, “There’s too many places out there where good clinicians can get burned out immediately.”

For the past five years, Shafer has started to specialize in seeing clients who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. He especially works with clients who are transgender to help them through the transition process, and help them to advocate for name changes and gender affirming care. More recently, Shafer has also started to work more with clients who have Borderline Personality Disorder. He says, “We’re starting to look at BPD as a byproduct of trauma, and addressing it from that standpoint. I think it’s been helpful.”

Shafer says he hasn’t had to do much advertising to find both clients and interns. His logo is a pair of rainbow peace signs. He says, “It’s a little bit of a subtle hint to the LGBTQ+ community, without broadcasting it. But I mean, I like peace. I’m into Classic Rock and stuff like that. I love the old ideas of peace culture from back in the ‘60s.” He says he does a bit of advertising in Facebook groups, but mostly people find him and “vibe with the philosophy.”

“I’m trying to give good people an opportunity to start fresh, and start right.”

Peace of Mind Counseling, Consulting and Supervision is located at 4025 Holt Rd Ste 205 Holt, MI 48842. Call 517.881.7231 or visit www.peaceofmindccs.com for more information.