Child playing piano

Miller Music Studio

Miller Music Studio offers music lessons for all

For over 38 years, Miller Music Studio of Holt has been providing high-quality, professional music instruction for the community. Owner Mary Jane Miller began by offering piano lessons out of her home. But as someone involved in the music scene in the area, Mary Jane listened to the community’s needs and began adding lessons for other types of instruments and music based on what people were looking for.

“We’ve offered almost all instruments except low strings,” says Mary Jane, recalling the various lessons they’ve offered through the years. “Right now, we offer piano, keyboard, voice, and guitar – including other instruments that are a little unusual like ukulele and mandolin.” If Mary Jane gets a request for lessons not offered through the studio, she will refer people out to one of her many qualified contacts in the area. 

Miller Music prides itself on the quality of their teachers, most of whom have advanced degrees in music. “We try to give quality lessons so that the students are getting the best education available,” Mary Jane notes. And for Miller Music teachers, it’s about more than just teaching a student one piece at a time. “It’s about seeing how music enriches the student’s life and how they can participate in many ways with music,” says Mary Jane. “It’s not just learning an instrument; it’s getting excited about the possibility of ways they can make music part of their lives.”

Students can expect to perform at a recital at least once a year through Miller Music. Mary Jane believes this is a great opportunity for students to be exposed to other types of instruments and music, and to help students feel less alone in their musical study. Teachers also try to connect their students with other competition opportunities.

Miller Music offers lessons for all ages. While there are ideal ages for some instruments, Miller Music is open for anyone who wants to study. Teachers are flexible in their schedules to accommodate a student’s needs. Mary Jane encourages meet-and-greets between people who want to study and a teacher before lessons begin. At a meet and greet, students and teachers discuss the student’s goals and make sure they will work well together before deciding to start lessons.

“We try to make it a friendly place to be so that people walk in and feel at ease being here,” Mary Jane remarks about the atmosphere when students come for lessons.

Miller Music Studio is located at 4450 West Holt Road in Holt, 517.694.7000,