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Capital Steel & Builders Supply

Capital Steel & Builders Supply is building something that lasts

If there’s one thing that Capital Steel & Builders Supply of Holt understands, it’s how to build something that lasts. This third-generation business was started in Holt in 1964 by Harold (Whitey) Nyeholt, supplying the community with items like bathtubs, sinks, mirrors, etc., back before the big box builder stores existed.

As time went on, Capital Steel adapted their business model to stay relevant. While they no longer sell retail items such as bathtubs or doorknobs, they offer structural steel fabrication and erection for businesses and office buildings. “When you go by a building and you see the metal skeleton, shortly after the foundation but before the floor is poured, that’s what we do,” says Ben Buyak, Chief Operations Officer and Whitey’s grandson.

Capital Steel has helped build many of the buildings around the community, a point which Ben is still extremely proud of. “I could take you just about anywhere in town or in the Greater Lansing area and point out countless buildings we worked on.” Ben has been around the family business since he was a young boy, recalling visiting building sites with his dad. As a small company, Ben strives to keep a very family-focused atmosphere for his employees, and he hopes his customers feel and appreciate that atmosphere as well.

“We like being part of the community. We’ve been here a long time.” – Ben Buyak

Customers can visit Capital Steel at their office space in Holt, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and buy their steel supplies directly from Ben. They primarily carry mild steel supplies and maintain a large inventory on-site. If someone is looking for a special cut or size, they do custom orders as well.

Capital Steel also offers assistance with residential builds, providing homes with structural steel beams and columns for new builds or basements, such as steel beams
to take down a loadbearing wall.

Ben continues to look ahead at how Capital Steel can continue to adapt to meet the changing needs of the community. “We have our eyes on the future, looking to see how Capital Steel can change to accommodate for the new technology coming out,” Ben says. “We like being part of the community. We’ve been here a long time.” And just like the buildings they erect, they’re building this family business with the hope it is here for many years to come.

Capital Steel & Builders
Supply is located at 3897 Holt Road in Holt, 517.694.0451,