Unwilted Flowers

Local paper florist creating business that lasts

For Holt native Liz Carter, Founder and Creative Director of Unwilted, all roads lead back to flowers. Carter graduated from Michigan State University and moved out west, where she started her own live flower shop. After 10 years, she was exhausted from the industry and decided to move back to Holt to be closer to family and try a new career path.

“I moved back and thought I could be done with flowers, maybe find a different career path,” says Carter. “It turns out I really love them, so I started figuring out how to make paper flowers. Turns out it’s a very old craft in a lot of different ways. It’s like an art form in some ways.”

What started as a small internet following has expanded into a successful online business. Carter makes and ships paper flower bouquets to all over the United States and internationally. Anyone looking to send a bouquet as a gift, whether it be anniversary, birthday, housewarming, etc., can send an Unwilted bouquet.

The bouquets are unique for a number of reasons, including their longevity and the specialty paper they are made from. “We create paper flowers that are long lasting. They look like the real thing, but they last long beyond what a fresh bouquet would,” says Carter.

Unwilted offers a large variety of bouquets at all times since they aren’t restricted to what’s in season, which also means they can guarantee that what a customer orders online is exactly what the bouquet will look like when it arrives.

“A lot of times when you order flowers from a florist they’ll make substitutions based on what they have available and in stock. With Unwilted we don’t have to worry about the perishability of flowers, so what you see online is what the person you’re sending them to will receive,”
says Carter.

Since the flowers are made of paper, there is no water needed, simply put them in a nice vase and enjoy for years to come! These also make great gifts to send to people with allergies or to hospitals that often have restrictions for what’s allowed.

While Carter imagined a career path in something away from flowers, she has definitely found a unique niche in the marketplace. “I have been so grateful for the Holt Post Office and other Holt businesses,” Carter says. “Everybody has been so welcoming and kind. It’s a really lovely place to have a business in. I live in Holt but it’s just been really easy and relaxed to start a business here and that’s nice considering all the stressors that go into starting a small business.”

Unwilted is an online-only operation. Customers can view the online store and Unwilted orders ship out next day and arrive within 3-5 business days. Visit Unwilted at unwilted.com.