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Estes-Leadley Funeral Home continues a legacy in Holt Chapel

Whether residents know it as the Holt Chapel, or by its previous name of the Logan Funeral Home, this community-minded business has been a legacy in Holt for generations. The Estes-Leadley Funeral Home acquired the property in the 1950s in order to continue providing services to Holt.

Legacy isn’t something new to the Estes-Leadley Funeral Home, which also has a location in Lansing. The funeral home first started in 1914. Nor is legacy something new to Holt Chapel Funeral Director, Steven Morgan.

“I actually began working for the funeral home when I was still in high school,” Morgan says. “I mowed the lawn at the Holt Chapel. That’s how I got started in the business. Then eventually I ended up helping with funerals and decided to pursue that as a career.” Morgan has been with the Holt Chapel since 1980.

Estes-Leadley offers all services related to funerals including burials, cremations, and merchandise sales. They also offer prearrangement services. Their licensed professional, Sue Knowles, has been on staff with Estes-Leadley since the 1980s as well. The funeral home is always accepting appointments for pre-arrangements for anyone interested. Both the Lansing location and Holt Chapel also offer live stream
services at both of their locations.

When asked what he feels sets Estes- Leadley apart from other funeral homes, Morgan says, “Our focus on detail. We look at details maybe a little more closely than some of our competitors. We’re still a small enough business to give personalized attention to work we do as well as to the families we serve.”

And Morgan understands that people appreciate using a funeral home in their own local community. “While Holt is a suburb of Lansing, it’s still its own community, “ Morgan says, “I think people in Holt choose to use a funeral home in Holt more because it’s their home.”

The Estes-Leadley Holt Chapel is located at 2121 N. Cedar St. in Holt, 517.694.7614,