Local auto repair shop stays tech savvy to compete with dealerships

While Master Tech Auto Repair might be new to Delhi Township, owners Joel Wilhelm and Nathan Antes have been in the auto repair industry for close to 15 years each. Wilhelm and Antes both worked at a local dealership auto repair up until April of this year when they opened their own independent repair shop.

“We saw there was a need because there were a lot of shops out there sending cars to dealerships because they didn’t have the equipment to work on them or didn’t have the knowledge so they couldn’t figure it out,” Wilhelm said. They wanted to give customers another option beyond the dealership, and they knew they had the experience and expertise to do it.

Many independent auto repair shops are finding it increasingly difficult to stay up-to-date on both the technology and know-how for the more computerized vehicles hitting the market. Antes and Wilhelm knew they could break that mold when they ventured out by themselves.

“Being as we were at a dealership for so long we understood what it took to be able to keep up with everything being computerized. So we’ve spent the last five years accumulating some different equipment that we would need,” said Wilhelm. Both Antes and Wilhelm are very technologically savvy and are committed to staying up-to-date on what’s changing with vehicles in the electronic aspect.

Antes spent time in the military training in electronics and then worked in California, which has more stringent laws on vehicle emissions. He brings these experiences along with his many years of dealership experience to Master Tech.

The two co-owners searched for the perfect space tobe able to open their shop, with the potential to expand in the future, until they landed on their current location. Master Tech Auto Repair is located right off I-96 in Delhi Township, making it a perfect location for customers to get to easily for their repair needs.

Master Tech provides a variety of services including alignments, tires, AC work, engine, transmission, brakes, and interior work. The only work they don’t do is body work. Antes and Wilhelm are glad to offer the Delhi Township and surrounding communities another option from dealerships and encourage people to give them a try.

Master Tech Auto Repair is located at 6165 Bishop Road in Lansing, 517.325.9089.