Discount Glass & Screen Building

Discount Glass & Screen: A Legacy of Family

Brothers Dave Johnson and Brandon Smithwick have a family-first policy, even in business. When the two heard that Discount Glass and Screen, originally started over 30 years ago by two brothers, was going out of business, it was a family decision to become the new owners. “When we heard the business was going up for sale, we said, ‘let’s step in and let’s buy it, and let’s keep the legacy of two brothers owning it and service our local area,’” Johnson said. “Let’s keep Discount Glass and Screen Alive.”

Building on the decades-long legacy of the business, their most popular services are general glass and screens for both residential and commercial buildings. “Somebody throws a rock through your window, or your window starts to fog up, we come in and we can replace just the glass to create a quick, efficient product, with little mess,” Johnson said.

They also have fully custom offerings, from unique glasswork, to individually sized windows, and custom screens. “We’ll have projects where someone brings in a custom photo frame, whether it be heart shaped or a circle, and we’re able to cut all of the intricate pieces to be able to fit that piece of memory that’s currently in your home.”

One of the biggest changes they’ve made to the business is to accept credit cards, and to update the business with new technology to be able to produce a more quality product in a quicker amount of time. They’ve also hired more staff to be able to execute not only larger orders, but to better streamline their customer service level to their loyal customers. “We thought, not only do we need to get a bigger location where we can handle more volume of work, but we also need to bring in more people,” Johnson said. “More people meant we could handle those larger volumes and get things done a little quicker, to help better the experience of the customer.”

Discount Glass and Screen’s new location at 2064 Cedar Street has undergone an upgrade, with an updated lobby, new paint, and plans to improve the parking lot and add new signage. “We wanted to not only grow the business, but to make something more presentable on Cedar Street,” said Smithwick.

In the future, Johnson and Smithwick hope to eventually expand with multiple locations and create new partnerships to expand their services – growing their family. “Every staff member that comes into our facility and becomes a part of the Discount Glass and Screen staff, we treat them as family. We consider them family, and our plan for the future is to grow more family,” Johnson said.

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