Glasses of craft beer

Summerlands Brewing Company

Island vibes are coming to Holt

For Delhi Township residents looking for an island escape, pretty soon they’ll have to look no further than their backyard. Coming soon in November 2023, Summerlands Brewing Company will be opening its doors in what used to be Charlie’s Bar & Grill on Cedar Street.

Summerlands will be a tropical themed brewery from the bright color scheme, food menu and beer selection. And it’s this island vibe that co-owners, Brian Hunt and Joe Prevo, feel sets them apart from other breweries in the area.

“We’re really going for that tropical feel,” says Hunt. “It’s meant to be an escape…It’s a place you go to feel good.”

Patrons will have every opportunity to escape within Summerlands, enjoying island vibes all year long. Summerlands’ menu will feature tropical themed food such as coconut shrimp, Jamaican jerk chicken sandwiches, Hawaiian burgers, fried plantains and more.

But the stars of the show will be the beer. Some popular favorites include a tropical stout. “Our tropical stout blends the best characteristics of a nice sweet stout with New England IPA,” Hunt says. “So you’ve got a big, malty roasted flavor followed up by a lot of tropical fruit flavors. It’s very common down in the islands. You don’t see it much up here though.”

Other favorites include a key lime coconut pale ale, cucumber cream ale, and Hunt and Prevo’s take on an American lager called Tank Tops and Flip Flops. The brewery will have a constantly rotating menu of beer on tap, bringing in seasonal and crowd favorites. While there are many tropical themed beers on the menu, Summerlands offers a wide array of IPAs, lagers, fruity beers, wheat ales and stouts. For example, some of their most popular stout flavors include a chocolate raspberry stout and one infused with cinnamon.

Hunt and Prevo are excited to take this next step into being a professional brewery after operating on a home brew scale since 2010. They started by sharing beer with friends, and as it has been extremely well-received, the two decided to make it into something more.

While still working to open their doors later this year, the owners have already felt welcomed by the Holt community. “Everyone we’ve dealt with in Holt and Delhi Township has been friendly and welcoming,” says Hunt. “They’ve been helpful and willing to come help us out and it’s been a wonderful experience.”

Follow the Summerlands Brewing Company Facebook page for updates on their opening date. Summerlands is located at 1957 Cedar Street in Holt,