Small Talk Children's Advocacy

Small Talk Children’s Advocacy

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Small Talk Children’s Advocacy Center has been working to respond to child abuse since 2011, and Director Alex Brace was one of the center’s first employees. He is a trained, trauma-focused therapist and leads the nonprofit’s daily operations. Every April, Small Talk celebrates Child Abuse Prevention Month by planting blue pinwheel gardens around town and delivering community education. “Everyone has a role to play in preventing child abuse. Although this is a difficult topic, it is important to learn the signs of child abuse so that you can act and help a child in this community.”

The prevention education offered at Small Talk is designed for adults and includes a frank discussion of child abuse including signs and symptoms, and how to respond. The information is not limited to social workers or teachers. Anyone who works with children, or has children in their life, can benefit from this training including coaches, volunteers, religious educators, and people who work in locations where children are present like restaurants and pet stores. According to Brace, many people and organizations in our community have completed this training and benefitted from the conversation.

“It’s our responsibility to bring this topic out of the darkness and into the light. The statistics are staggering, and the long-term impacts of child abuse affect every one of us. Whether you know it or not, you know someone who is a survivor of abuse.” That’s why, Brace says, prevention is key.

Community members who are interested in more information can contact Small Talk Children’s Advocacy Center at (517) 253-0728 or email The center is located at 3400 Pine Tree Road, Suite 106 Lansing, MI 48911.