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Premier Home Solutions Provides Affordable and Efficient Options

For anyone looking to make more energy efficient home upgrades, while not breaking the bank at the same time, Premier Home Solutions of Holt is the perfect solution. Trevor Monroe, President and Owner of Premier Home Solutions, and his partner started the business over 10 years ago.

“We found a niche in the market to specialize in basically making homes more energy efficient and reducing the carbon footprint but saving homeowners money at the same time,” said Monroe, who is himself a licensed builder with a degree and background in the environmental field. That’s why he’s so passionate about the work Premier Home Solutions provides its customers. Monroe understands people’s desire to reduce their carbon footprint, but he is also very conscious of the affordability of the solutions they provide. 

Premier offers spray foam insulation in both existing buildings and new construction, as well as replacement windows, replacement roofs, and siding. One area Premier is starting to get into more is solar. “We are doing a little bit of solar work right now and it’s something we will be expanding into. Again that goes into the affordability, I don’t want to get into it until it’s widely affordable for most homeowners. It’s great but if you can’t afford it you can’t do it,” Monroe said.

With an eye to affordability, Monroe and his team at Premier believe in showing customers exactly where they can be more efficient. Using thermal imaging technology and metrics, the Premier team can see exactly where heat is being lost or gained and pinpoint which areas of the home need work. And they believe in showing these results to the homeowner right away so they can decide what to focus on and see the fastest return on investment.

It’s this attention to the customer that sets Premier apart from others like them in the area. “It’s important to me that they’re entrusting me with how they keep their house warm and their kids warm,” says Monroe. “I try to treat everybody’s house like it’s my mother’s house because that’s how I’d want people to treat my mother.”

Premier Home Solutions is located at 4378 Holt Road in Holt, 517.742.2424,