Ironwood Links

Getting into the Swing of Things

Carson Riehl is enjoying his first summer of managing the golf course where he has worked for eight years. Now 28, the Onondaga native found himself on the golf course, quite literally, back when he was in college. 

“I had gone to Central Michigan University, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I went golfing to try and figure it out, and then I realized that this was what I wanted to do with my life.” After attending school in Myrtle Beach he returned home to Michigan and got involved right away.

“This year we are seeing more members in their twenties and thirties, and more people coming out to play golf for the first time,” said Carson. He describes Ironwood Links as a beginner-friendly course, with par threes and shorter par fours. The front nine is open, with plenty of sunshine and ponds, while the back nine is shaded by large trees.  



Riehl credits social media advertising on Instagram with helping to reach a younger crowd. This summer, he is planning a “glow golf” LED tournament, where the course will be lit up and golfers will play at night. 

He has also added a small pro shop this year and converted a spacious back room into a bridal room for hosting weddings. “We’d definitely like to do more of those,” said Riehl. “We can do the catering, the reception, you can have the ceremony outside facing a few different angles. And we only serve soft liquor.” The venue will host up to 400 people. 

Perhaps the most charming character we met on our tour of Ironwood Links was “King,” an enormous turtle who makes his way through the ponds on the course. Riehl is planning to install a small solar-powered windmill to help keep the ponds clear, cut down on chemicals, and ensure local wildlife can thrive alongside the golfers. 

Ironwood Links is located at 742 N. Eifert Road, in Mason. Call (517) 676-3116 for more information, or visit their Facebook Page or website.